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We make our clients lives stress-free by having an impeccably detailed and reliable residential and commercial cleaning service.

We will accomplish the following:
  • Make your life stress-free
  • Maintain your home to a healthy and clean environment by only using the best green products and tools

  • Consistent and detailed cleaning

  • Utmost respect for your home and family

So Simple When You Go GREEN With Us

  • A caring and reliable customer service
  • Exemplary & highly trained cleaners
  • Tailored cleaning to fit your needs and requests

Call or fill out quote from and we will get right back to you!

Experiance A New Level of Clean
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Background Checked

  • Reliable Service you can Trust

  • Detailed Cleaning

  • Consistency with same team members

  • Supply our own Green Products and Tools

  • Special request and customization

  • Premier Top Essential Oils


We take pride in our attention to detail while also meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations!



Just had my deep clean done…WOW!! Every nook and cranny was cleaned. I am super impressed and thrilled I chose Go Green for my monthly cleaning. Thank you to Miguel- who did the cleaning. What an excellent job.
Ann Marie Pastro
Ann Marie P.
13:48 02 Jul 24
Just had my deep clean done…WOW!! Every nook and cranny was cleaned. I am super impressed and thrilled I chose Go Green for my monthly cleaning. Thank you to Miguel- who did the cleaning. What an excellent job.
Ann Marie Pastro
Ann Marie P.
13:53 09 Apr 24
The owner Donna is very professional, and the work her cleaners do is phenomenal! Would recommend to anyone looking for a detailed cleaning; they also do offices!
Riley Wallace
Riley W.
02:39 09 Apr 24
I first reached out to Donna and her team in the hope that a deep cleaning with natural (not toxic) products would help my allergies. I was not disappointed! Whoever comes each month does a thorough, professional job and my house always looks and smells much cleaner than I can get it myself. I am very grateful to Go Green Cleaning Experts
Carol Petty
Carol P.
22:01 27 Feb 24
We’ve been using Go Green for 6 months now and they have been amazing! They are easy to work with and a great communication. Would definitely recommend!!
Kim Redmile
Kim R.
15:09 14 Feb 24
Great cleaning service! I use them every other week. The cleaning staff is always responsive and they do a wonderful job. The owner is always in communication with me to make sure I am happy with my service. I would recommend them to anyone.
Heather Dixey
Heather D.
16:29 31 Jan 24
Highly recommend Go Green Cleaning Experts! I recently had a deep cleaning of my home at 36 weeks pregnant. I never had a professional clean before and was very nervous but WOW was it worth it. I am very sensitive to chemicals/smells and had no issues at all when returning home. Miguel did an amazing job and everything was absolutely perfect! I can't thank everyone enough and look forward to continuing this New Year.
Maria Luberti
Maria L.
20:25 02 Jan 24
Miguel was incredibly thorough and cleaned things I didn’t even expect to have cleaned. I am very impressed with the service and will call Go Green Cleaning Experts next time I need a deep clean!
Julie Rotramel
Julie R.
17:28 01 Dec 23
I have been using Go Green for a good part of the year and they have done an excellent job and are very professional. Roger was fantastic, very detailed, and did a fantastic job. He made sure the home was spotless.
Manish Shah
Manish S.
15:42 13 Jul 23
GoGreen has been my cleaning partner of choice for many years. Donna and her team are trusted, dependable, and value open communication. Highly recommend!
Sherrie Centrella
Sherrie C.
00:54 26 May 23
Roger cleaned the whole apartment which includes rwo bedroom’s and two bathrooms. We also had the oven cleaned and it looked like when I moved in 9.5 years ago! The deep clean was thorough and there was no scent of cleaning products afterwards. We are extremely happy with the outcome.
JL Pearlman
20:30 15 May 23
We fired them to take care of all of our cleaning needs in our store. Crystal and her team has done a spectacular job cleaning everything. We can't be any happier. We thank them a lot!
BigCentric Sales
BigCentric S.
21:22 04 Apr 23
I hired Go Green as a birthday present for my wife. I was a little surprised when only one person showed up to do a deep clean of our house but wow did he do a great job. The standard for me is if my wife approves, I approve and she was extremely happy with how everything turned out. Well done, Go green and Miguel.
Rick McLaughlin
Rick M.
18:25 16 Nov 22
I am so pleased with the service today ! Kerstin Shields was amazing and the office looks beautiful!! She will be back next week! Thank You for everything.Mary Anne BlackwoodKoup Family Dental
Mark Koup
Mark K.
21:32 28 Jan 22
Daelynne spent many hours cleaning our facility. She did a wonderful job and we are excited to have her return.
Taylor Knox
Taylor K.
17:48 26 Jan 22
Outstanding communication, affordability and attention to detail, and on time! I highly recommend Go Green Cleaning Experts!
Ellen Johnston
Ellen J.
22:51 19 Jan 22
Amazing service!Donna and her team are very organized and trustworthy.We had Roger deep clean our carpets before moving in and he did a phenomenal job, and went above and beyond.I plan on using them again, very pleased with everything!Update:Go Green have been cleaning my home for couple months and I’m very happy with how organized and efficient they are.Roger is phenomenal and very thoughtful. Him and Miguel did amazing on the last month’s cleaning
Ana F.
Ana F.
00:03 13 Jan 22
Go green is an awesome company no matter what you hear bad about them they are still good quality cleaning experts that you would always want to have for your home and your business also they can show you things that you never knew how to clean the proper in the professional way go green
Diane Williams
Diane W.
21:52 14 Dec 21
Go Green Cleaning Experts are just that, EXPERTS~ Experts at cleaning, communication, and customer service! They provide top notch service! I'd recommend using them for all your cleaning needs!
Ellen Johnston
Ellen J.
02:24 25 Nov 21
Donna the owner of Go Green Cleaning Experts runs a professional business. They’re a company that really cares about relationships and you can feel that from the beginning. Thanks Cleaning Experts for being so thoughtful and thorough.
Hannah Brees
Hannah B.
04:13 15 Oct 21
Amazing service!Donna and her team are very organized and trustworthy.We had Roger deep clean our carpets before moving in and he did a phenomenal job, and went above and beyond.I plan on using them again, very pleased with everything!
Ana F.
Ana F.
21:54 21 Aug 21
Amazing service!Donna and her team are very organized and trustworthy.We had Roger deep clean our carpets before moving in and he did a phenomenal job, and went above and beyond.I plan on using them again, very please with everything!
Ana F.
Ana F.
23:00 11 Jul 21
Highly recommend! The owner Donna takes pride in her business and it shows from the moment of first contact. She was quick to follow up, professional, and the cleaning crew did an amazing and thorough job. The office manager Carol is also awesome and they go above and beyond for customer service. So happy with the investment we made for a clean home, worth every penny.
Jessalyn Lemmons
Jessalyn L.
00:13 30 Jun 21
Go Green Cleaning Experts have been taking care of our house cleaning, with their wonderful, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and have never disappointed us in any way. We’ve liked everyone who is part of their crews, and I look forward to each time they are scheduled because they always leave our home cleaner, brighter and more welcoming than when they arrived. A real bonus: Donna Dougherty is a dream to work with.
Caroline Wagner
Caroline W.
02:36 13 May 21
It was the first time that Go Green Cleaning Experts were at my home. The girls were very accommodating and very thorough. They worked diligently and spent attention to details. I was very happy with their first time cleaning. They bring their own cleaning supplies which is a plus. I liked the professionalism that this company shows such as follow up phone calls, accommodating my needs as far as financially. They was also a person that came out to check to make sure that the cleaning was done properly. They will be back again and hopefully this will be the beginning of a relationship with this company. I would recommend it to everyone who needs this service.
Debra Foglietta
Debra F.
14:27 18 Feb 21
Miguel and Kat are awesome! My house has been chaos because I'm working on several projects in between school and work, but they are always good about cleaning around the projects and doing a great job about it!
Devyn Swahl
Devyn S.
21:22 10 Feb 21
Go Green Cleaning is the best... We have used them in our office and homes for over 5 years... Great service and timely follow up with everything they do!
Marty McDonald
Marty M.
21:15 31 Jan 21
I am very pleased with Donna and the crew at Go Green Cleaning. My wife and I own a 2000 square foot home. Go Green comes every 2 weeks. They are very thorough. They even clean our copper sinks the right way. Donna is easy to deal with. She always calls me right back if I have a question or want to tell her something about the house. The price is fair. We couldn't be happier.Chris and Patti FarrellNewtown Square, Pa.
Chris Farrell
Chris F.
19:08 17 Jan 21
Donna and her team were the answer to a long search for the perfect cleaner. Donna was a pleasure to speak to, scheduling and talking through our cleaning needs. They value communication, as evidenced in their quick response via email, phone, or text. Her team was prompt and VERY thorough. I have never seen our house so clean! We are looking forward to their next visit! I highly recommend Go Green Cleaners!
Lindsey Steciw
Lindsey S.
14:31 03 Nov 20
I'm not one to usually give reviews but i felt compelled in this case. Not only were they on time but the amazing job they did was impeccable! Donna the owner/operator not only came to my office to make sure the job was done right but she asked if anything was missed or if i had any questions or concerns! WHAT CLEANING COMPANY DOES THAT! WOW WOW WOW!!!! Go Green Cleaning has me as a customer for life! You would be wasting your time looking anywhere else!
Anne Susshine
Anne S.
13:55 07 Oct 20
We have been using Go Green for about 3 years and their service never disappoints. Your house will be sparkling clean. The owner, Donna, is very professional and responsive. Fantastic company!
Jessica Galati
Jessica G.
00:09 01 Oct 20
Very professional and efficient. Terrific staff!
16:21 29 Sep 20
Donna and her team did an amazing job doing a deep cleaning on my house. Everything is so sparkly clean especially the kitchen and the bathrooms. I don't think my counters and appliances have ever looked so clean and shiny. My carpets look new. They were so thorough and the place looks and smells so clean. I am SO thankful I found Go Green Cleaning Experts.
Carol Petty
Carol P.
00:07 03 Sep 20
Go Green has been cleaning our house since 2019. Their team is professional, efficient and uses quality cleaning products. They have been very accommodating during this quarantine while our family has been home. I would highly recommend Go Green for your cleaning needs.
Patricia Drummond
Patricia D.
13:16 28 Aug 20
Great cleaning experts, they pay attention to details and leave your home or office sparkling clean and disinfected.
Adaolisa Ezechukwu
Adaolisa E.
00:28 12 Aug 20
Go Green has been cleaning for us for a few years now, maybe several. They've always been willing and able to accommodate our schedule, they do a good job, and have been well worth the money to us. Great folks!
Ray S.
Ray S.
13:49 31 Jul 20
I had the best experience with this service! I felt not only is Go Green professional and reliable but they did a spectacular job cleaning. Nothing better than coming home to a clean home after work. They paid attention to detail and gave my home the deep cleaning it needed! My husband has horrible allergies and the products they use are excellent for sensitive individuals. I would highly recommend them for any of your cleaning needs!
Amy Goldberg
Amy G.
05:03 21 Feb 20
Go Green Cleaning Experts has been cleaning my home for over a year now, and my house is now the cleanest it has ever been! Donna and her crew are personable yet professional. One of the things I appreciate about them is that they always try to please and they are pleasant about any requests I make. I highly recommend them!
Kathryn Caywood
Kathryn C.
20:04 15 Apr 18
We had a great experience using Go Green Cleaners and continue to use them whenever we need help. It is efforts like theirs that help us live more health lives!
Yoga Studio
Yoga S.
14:15 10 Aug 17
Go green cleaning is the way to go!!They scheduled my apt right away . I had surgery done and needed my home to be cleaned as I was not able to clean my self. They arrived on time and I was so happy with the service that I hired the company to clean twice a week. They do not use any harsh chemicals which is a great! My Appliances were cleaned so well it shined looking brand new! and they are very trusting, the cleaning lady was doing the laundry and found a $100 bill in my husband jean pocket, when I go home from work she put the bill in a evelope on the kitchen table with a note where she found it and the next morning the owner of go green called to follow up that I got the evelope from her employee left on my table . Wow! Not only did the cleaning lady returned to money but also told her boss as her boss followed up with a phone call and that is the day I hired the company full time Thank you go green cleaning ! For your services
Millie Rhone
Millie R.
22:58 19 May 16
I've been using Go Green Cleaning Experts for about three years now. I highly recommend Donna and her team to my friends and family, and have even purchased a gift certificate as a surprise for a new mom! As a mom to a toddler myself, it's very important to me to minimize the use of harmful chemicals around the house, so GGCE is great. The company is very flexible to meet our scheduling needs or any special considerations we may have for an upcoming appointment. Highly recommended.
Valerie Borek
Valerie B.
19:03 14 May 14
The personnel and services of Go Green Cleaning Experts are extraordinary! Donna Dougherty, owner of the Company, is a beautiful, young, highly-educated woman, energetic and utterly trustworthy. She is dedicated not only to growing her business, but also primarily to providing a healthier, and better organized, atmosphere for Go Green's clients. The first time out Donna herself cleaned our home, and my husband and I immediately noticed a wonderful difference in her use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products. The air in our home simply felt fresher. Since then, each time Go Green people clean our home, they delight us by doing something extra - like moving a large piece of furniture to clean under and behind it - and this home where we've lived for nearly 14 years has never been cleaner nor felt more welcoming. Go Green Cleaning Experts is, in every way, exceptional and excellent.
Caroline Wagner
Caroline W.
15:53 06 May 14

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