5 DIY Cleaning Products for Your Home

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When it comes to cleaning your home, you don’t have to empty your wallet on expensive and environmentally unsafe products. In fact, we highly suggest you don’t. We wouldn’t be able to call ourselves Go Green Cleaning Experts if we didn’t offer you green alternatives to clean your home this spring.

Here are five DIY cleaning products you should try using in your home.

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How to Professionally Clean Your Kitchen

Kitchens are for cooking and for storing food — yet we don’t always clean up our messes after we cook or we clutter the counters with junk mail. It’s super important to keep the kitchen clean, so you don’t attract any bugs, animals, or bacteria. If your kitchen is in a state of disarray, it’s time for some cleaning!

Our Go Green Cleaning Experts team has a few tips for you to keep your kitchen orderly and clean:

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