3 Shower-Cleaning Hacks

While there is no true shortcut when it comes to cleaning your shower, we can offer you a few life-changing cleaning hacks that are guaranteed to make your shower look like we cleaned it ourselves!

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Here are our hacks:


Cotton Balls Remove Mold from Shower Door Caulking

You may have noticed some build-up of mold in the seal near your shower door, but you’re unable to clean it because of that seal. For this, all you need is some hydrogen peroxide, hot water, and cotton balls.

Mix some hydrogen peroxide in a cup or bowl of hot water. Soak each cotton ball individually and line them vertically along the moldy shower door seal. Because the cotton balls have absorbed water, they will stick to the shower wall, so you don’t need to worry about them falling. When you line them, place the cotton balls from top to bottom — if you do it from bottom to top, the moisture from each cotton ball will drip into the one below it and unstick it.

Generally, you only need to leave these cotton balls on for about four hours, but if the mold is really caked on there, you can leave the balls on for longer and reapply if necessary.

Clean Your Shower While Showering

Now that we’ve said it, it seems obvious. You’re already in the shower, so why not clean the shower too?

You can clean the shower floor with a shower cleaning liquid, or use a squeegee on the shower doors and/or windows to eliminate future steam stains, soap scum, and mildew. Be warned: water left sitting on shower glass will become hard water and will be difficult to remove later. While we normally use a blade to get rid of hard water, you can put salt in your home water system: that does the trick every time!

Remember to hang your squeegee on the wall when you are finished.

Or maybe, you want to use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide (not mixed together), and a scrub brush to wash away mold that may gather in between shower tiles.  If you leave a medium-sized cup in shower with a blue Scotch, non-scratch sponge and eco-friendly soap, this will help to maximize cleaning when in the shower.

You don’t want to use anything harmful because your skin will be exposed. Filling a cup with a quarter of vinegar and baking soda before you get in shower is key.

Always have baking powder next to your shower. This is a safe and effective way to fight mold. You can mix vinegar and baking soda, as it does foam and sizzle, but is safe.

Never mix vinegar or ammonia with bleach. It’s very toxic!

When you tackle your shower in sections, it’s definitely not as much of a bear than if you had left it until it became uninhabitable.

Vinegar Cleans Your Shower Head

If your shower head seems like it’s clogged, it probably is with mineral deposits that make your shower head look less than shining. You can easily clean your shower head with vinegar..

Remove the shower head and soak it in a bowl that contains vinegar and leave it in there overnight to allow the acid in the vinegar to break down the deposits.

The next day, take the shower head out of the bowl and use an old toothbrush to remove the vinegar and any loose deposits from the shower head. Rinse the shower head, reinstall it, and run cold water through to ensure that it is working properly again.

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