5 Essential Oils that are Cleaning Essentials

We know when you think of essential oils, you’re thinking of oils you can use on yourself when you’re relaxing in the bath one evening or getting a massage. But truthfully, you can use essential oils for all kinds of things in your home, especially in cleaning. Our team at Go Green Cleaning Experts often uses Young Living Essential Oils to enhance our cleaning quality, and we think these oils will give you a cleaner home.


A lemon essential oil, which is cold-pressed from lemon rinds, is amazing for eliminating stubborn home odors, and permeating your home with a clean, lemon scent. You can also squeeze out a few drops to your floors and windows to clean them. Never use this oil on granite and stone surfaces, as it may damage them.



Peppermint’s distinct scent immensely helps with clearing your sinuses with just a few whiffs of it. It can used in conjunction with all of these scents to create a healthy, clean aroma throughout your home or work space.


Along with its positive and citrus aroma, orange essential oils are great tools to clean your floors with. Combine 14 drops of the oil with ¼ cup of vinegar and water to leave your floors tidy and shining. You can also mix two cups of baking soda with 15 drops of this oil into your carpet to eliminate fleas that household pets may have dragged in.


Bergamot’s light, citrus aroma is great for combining in a household cleaner mixed with other essential oils to promote a clean environment. It can also be used in a humidifier to clean your air, along with any other essential oil.


Aromatherapy Diffuser Oil Aroma Essential Oils

While we do not use lavender in our own cleaning based on customer preferences, you can use it in your own home. If you fill a spray bottle with ¾ water and five drops of lavender essential oil, you can spray the mixture on your kitchen and bathroom floors, which will eliminate the accumulated filth and leave these areas smelling fresh.

We use essential oils in our cleaning because we believe in giving West Chester homes and offices the best, clean environment we can provide. Essential oils are…well, essential in achieving this.

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