How to Professionally Clean Your Bedroom

Of course, we want you to take advantage of every service Go Green Cleaning Experts has to offer, but we would be remiss if we didn’t offer you advice on how to clean your home or work space professionally too. We’ve outlined some steps you should take to clean your bedroom almost as great as we do in the West Chester area.


Strip your sheets. Even if it’s only been five days, you’re cleaning your bedroom for a reason, so start fresh. Re-tuck in all of the sheets and blankets that you’ve somehow managed to get twisted in your sleep. Take the opportunity to wash your quilt and pillow cases too, including decorative pillows. If you’re sheets, pillows, and blankets are outdated, consider updating them. Having the same items on your bed for a few years can become very boring.


Always dust from top to bottom because you want to work with gravity. Dust everything in your room, especially the scary top of your bookshelf that you can never reach, and each blade on your ceiling fan. You’ll be amazed and a little disgusted by how much dust you will find. Open the windows when you dust to let some fresh air in. You don’t want the dust to circulate loosely in your room, so we recommend you use a microfiber rag to pick up the stubborn pieces.


Every spot, inch, every cranny: vacuum it! This means under your bed, around every piece of furniture, and in your closet. And since you just dusted, you’ll find a lot of the dust has now taken up residence in your carpet. If your vacuum doesn’t seem to be doing the job, empty the container repeatedly to make room for more dirt, and and make sure your vacuum roller is turned on. Use a vacuum extension or a hand vacuum if available to suck up even more dirt in those tight spots you’ve forgotten about.

Cleaning your bedroom like this is something you should ideally be doing every week, and at the latest, once a month. You’ll most likely find that missing sock or those expired tickets to a baseball game behind your dressers when you clean. You never know!

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