Organizational & Decluttering Tips

It’s easy to fall victim to disorganization and clutter  throughout the work week. Our desks become hidden in layers of books and paper, and our dressers have become stuffed with way too much clothing.

With a couple of simple organizational and decluttering tips from our Go Green Cleaning Experts team, we can help you avoid the hassle of re-organizing your room or work space.

Be Aware of How You Organize:

Before you unconsciously put things away and then wonder later where the heck you put everything, be aware of how you organize your room or work space.

For your office — if all of your notebooks are in one desk drawer and all of your pamphlets and pencils are in another, don’t jam random objects haphazardly in those drawers. You can purchase office desk drawer organizers and bins from sites like Amazon or Walmart.

For your bedroom — you’ve decided to assign jeans and leggings to one dresser drawer, you shouldn’t be throwing your shirts and sweatshirts in there along with them. Invest in a dresser drawer organizer, so you can keep all of your clothes in their respective places.

From RubberMaid

Organization in any work or living space is key to an efficient, stress-free environment. After all, there could be many stress factors in our lives — why add one more?

Decorate in Moderation:

Of course, how much or how little you decorate your home or office ultimately comes down to taste. What you do and don’t like is up to you. But oftentimes, we get so obsessed with decorating that we don’t realize how cluttered our space have gotten.

When it comes to decorating, do it in moderation. Are your walls filling up? And while those cute statues on your desk are irresistible, they are essentially dust collectors.

Try to limit how many of those you have in one room.

Take a look around your room or office and determine how much blank space you have left on your walls. You don’t want to fill up a room too much or it will become cluttered with useless knick-knacks that prevent you from finding what you actually need.

Your object-to-empty-space ratio should be adjusted so that you aren’t overpowered by your things.


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