5 Cleaning Motivators

Cleaning shouldn’t have to be the monster you’ve been avoiding all week — it can be a good tool to freshen up your home or work space to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are five motivators you can use throughout the week to clean without stress:

Build a Daily Routine

Instead of leaving all of your cleaning until Saturday morning, try assigning yourself one cleaning task each day. Floor cleaning can happen on Mondays, and shower cleaning can happen on Tuesdays. Then, you can scrub and sweep your kitchen on Wednesdays, dust on Thursdays, vacuum on Fridays, and tidy up your rooms Saturdays and Sundays. Assigning yourself daily tasks with definitely facilitate the cleaning process.

Play Music

There’s no rule that says you have to clean in silence. Cleaning is a great opportunity to listen to the newest hits. Jam it up in your home and make time pass faster, and cleaning more fun. After all, you’ll be more motivated to clean if you want to listen to all of the songs on a new album!

Reward Yourself

We’re more motivated to work when there’s a reward accompanying every task. Sometimes, the reward of having a clean home isn’t enough motivation to spend hours cleaning it. So, reward yourself. One hour of scrubbing equals one hour of television. One hour of organizing your closet equals one hour of reading a book. The longer you clean, the longer and sooner you can relax.


If you haven’t built a daily routine for yourself and your house looks like it was swept through by a tornado, it’s definitely overwhelming. Instead of looking at the bigger picture of the mess you have to clean and panicking, do it in sections. Focus first on what’s hardest for you to clean and work your way to the easiest task. Maybe it’s hard for you to clean your bathroom. Do that first, and move onto something easier. If you tackle your cleaning project in sections, you won’t be as stressed cleaning it.

Combine Efforts

If you’re living with a partner, roommates, a family, or friends, divide the work evenly. One person shouldn’t be responsible for cleaning an entire home or work space if there are multiple people living in and using it. Assign each person different tasks and combine your efforts to work efficiently and effectively.

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