Go Green Cleaning Experts will help you or a woman you know with Cleaning with Kindness.

Cleaning With Kindness Breast Cancer Support lets you care for  yourself or a woman you love who is facing cancer. We offer a $50 discount from our regular pricing to those battling BREAST CANCER. This is our GIFT to YOU to assure that you can enjoy:

  • Stop Stressing About Chores
  • Enjoy Our Positive & Friendly Staff
  • Stop Doing The Hard Labor
  • Focus On Getting Healthy
  • Enjoy A Freshly Clean Home
  • Let Us Fix The Mess


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Being able to provide these packages is very important to us. It’s personal and here’s why.

The owner of Go Green Cleaning Experts knows what it feels like to have someone you love go through cancer treatments and the pain that is associated with it. In this case, it was her mother. Fortunately, she is now 7+ years breast cancer free living in Garnet Valley PA.  When my mother lost her hair it was a very surreal moment, I couldn’t imagine that this was happening to my mother and why.  A woman’s hair is a very delicate treasure and a very sensitive issue.  Her family, faith and belief in God is what got her through an unthinkable time. She never complained, nor allowed fear or taking the sympathy of others to change her outlook on being healed. She continued to work at her full time job during treatments only missing two days. She is my inspiration to this day for her courage and strength. And it’s in honor of her strength that we are offering Cleaning With Kindness. Our way of helping other women fighting similar fights. There is light at the end of the tunnel and faith is key during the healing process.

Important Details

Each home and each client has unique and individual cleaning priorities and needs.We will speak to each Cleaning With Kindness Recipient to ensure that we focus on exactly the right cleaning needs present in that household. This offer is good for West Chester and Garnet Valley service areas. If you’re wanting to give a Cleaning With Kindness gift that’s outside of these two areas, please give us a call. We’d love to see if we could work with you. Please note, that we will need an appropriate verification of medical need for these packages. Typically, a doctor’s note is sufficient and still protects your medical privacy. If you have any questions, we’re happy to speak with you.

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