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Review the questions and answers commonly asked by our new clients. At Go Green Cleaning Experts we want you to feel comfortable with your decision.

What are your Policies & Procedures2019-09-04T13:46:13-04:00

HIRING OF Go Green Cleaning Experts STAFF: All of our staff have signed a Non-Compete agreement with Go Green Cleaning Experts. They are prohibited from soliciting business from any client on his/her own behalf or on behalf of any third party during their contract with Go Green Cleaning Experts or for 2 years following termination of contract, without written approval from Go Green Cleaning Experts and a possible placement fee of $2,500.00.

You agree not to hire past or present staff of Go Green Cleaning Experts for a period of not less than 2 years from the date the staff member last worked for Go Green Cleaning Experts. A great deal of time and resources are put into hiring our staff and training them. In the event you feel you must hire a staff member of Go Green Cleaning Experts in spite of this agreement, then a $2,500.00 placement fee is due immediately upon employment of the past/present staff member, regardless of whether the employment is regular or on a contract basis.

ACCIDENTS:  If you have valuables or heirlooms, etc., it would be helpful if they would be put away to avoid accidents. Regrettable and although not common, from time to time, something may be broken. Our Team Leader are instructed to call our office at once if ANYTHING is broken, and to leave you a note advising you of the accident. In the event an item is damaged or broken, we reserve the option to repair or replace the item.

EXTRA WORK: Please call us in advance for special requests (i.e. after construction, refrigerator cleaning, inside of oven, inside windows, the basement, garage, extra rooms) so we can schedule the time needed to complete these tasks. We will provide an over the phone estimate, however, we reserve the right to adjust the quote after the job is completed.

QUALITY CONTROL:  Our quality control consists of following up through email and a phone call. We may call you at home, cell or your work number (the best contact number you provide and prefer we will use). We believe that client contact is the best way to help in exceeding your expectations and improve our high standards. You may also receive a satisfaction survey rating the cleaning performed. We appreciate your feedback of any kind. Please do not hesitate to contact our office staff regarding any request you have and feedback for any changes to be made.

PAYMENT POLICY:  Payment is due in full on the day of the cleaning.  Please place in a sealed envelope for cash or checks (we do have white envelopes labeled). If you are running out of white envelopes received by us please contact our office staff at 484-887-8730 so we can mail them to you or provide our team leader assigned to your home or office to leave on your kitchen counter.

  • Refunds: We understand that cleaning can be a very personalized and subjective service; we cannot offer full refunds to clients.

What we can offer you in the event you are not happy, we will come back and re‐clean any areas free of charge according to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please contact us immediately after cleaning, and within 24hrs so we can address the issue.

  • Service fee for returned checks. Checks returned for non‐payment, (insufficient funds, closed account, etc) will be charged a $30 returned check fee in addition to making good on the payment for services.

CHARGES: If it is necessary for you to change, cancel or skip your regular cleaning day, we appreciate at least 2 business days notice or more if possible. If you do not notify our office and upon arrival we can not enter your home, we will charge you a full price lock out fee to cover our expenses. Our team’s daily pay is based on homes scheduled. When you skip on short notice or lock out the team, we do not have time to fill in your spot and our team’s pay is affected. It also can cause scheduling problems with our other clients based on the time estimated for their appointment.

What if there is more work than expected at first cleaning?2019-09-04T13:46:48-04:00

We will give you a call or inform you if we are going to go over.  You can decide if we should continue or finished in the time remaining in the area they are in.

We can not always estimate until we are physically cleaning if we will go over, it depends on the amount of excess dirt and dust as well as the amount of soap scum in shower.

What is the price of the cleaning based on?2019-09-04T13:47:00-04:00

The cost of the cleanings are based on location, size and condition of home, and frequency of cleaning.

Do I need to provide any cleaning supplies for the crew?2019-09-04T13:48:41-04:00

We provide all the products and supplies needed to clean your home. If you have any specialty products that you would like for us to use like, chrome polish, or special wood furniture polish, we would ask for you to provide these. Thank you!

What makes your cleaning service “green?”2019-09-04T13:48:30-04:00

We use our own non-toxic organic cleaning supplies consisting of all natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and essential oils.  We also use a Green Sealed Certified product by Ipax for our multipurpose cleaner and organic products by Shaklee. Instead of a traditional rope mop system(which is not the best for hardwood floors) we use a microfiber mop system that is super-efficient and effective (also more gentle on wooden floors).  We also take the extra time to dry floors and kitchens based upon the package of cleaning you go with.

Our industrial strength vacuum cleaners utilize HEPA filtration, efficiently filtering out microscopic particles including common dust, pet dander, and mold spores. So if you suffer from allergies this is great system to reduce dust particles in your home.  We only use the best tools and equipment to provide a thorough cleaning each time.

Does someone need to be home during the cleaning?2019-09-04T13:49:01-04:00

This is your option, but most of our customers are not home when we arrive for a scheduled cleaning. There are several ways we can gain access to your home.  After your initial clean you may give us a key to be safely stored in your file in our office. Other options would be a garage code or a key hidden.  If you choose not to provide us with a key and we are unable to access your home for a scheduled cleaning, you will be assessed a lockout fee.

Do you provide a one-time cleaning or deep cleaning?2019-09-04T13:49:10-04:00

Yes, please call for a quote or email us, we will get back to you shortly.

How many cleaners are on a crew?2019-09-04T13:49:16-04:00

We usually send a team of 2 or 3, depending on the job.

Do you have referral discounts?2019-09-04T13:49:21-04:00

Yes, if you refer a friend or neighbor you receive a $25 credit off your bill and your friend will receive $25 off their first visit.

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Kathryn Caywood

“Go Green Cleaning Experts has been cleaning my home for over a year now, and my house is now the cleanest it has ever been! Donna and her crew are personable yet professional. One of the things I appreciate about them is that they always try to please and they are pleasant about any requests I make. I highly recommend them!”

Valerie Borek

“I’ve been using Go Green Cleaning Experts for about three years now. I highly recommend Donna and her team to my friends and family, and have even purchased a gift certificate as a surprise for a new mom! As a mom to a toddler myself, it’s very important to me to minimize the use of harmful chemicals around the house, so GGCE is great. The company is very flexible to meet our scheduling needs or any special considerations we may have for an upcoming appointment. Highly recommended.”

Yoga Studio

We had a great experience using Go Green Cleaners and continue to use them whenever we need help. It is efforts like theirs that help us live more health lives!

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