Easter is next Sunday — and that’s no April Fools joke! Whether or not you’re having guests over at your house, kick off the new month and the spring season with a fresh, clean living room.

At Go Green Cleaning Experts, we do more than clean your spaces professionally and efficiently — we want to provide you with the tools to clean as professionally as we do.

Here are a few tips we have to deep clean your living room for spring.


Before you just jump right into deep cleaning, make your life a little easier and spend 15 minutes decluttering your space. This way, you’ll be able to access the floors, shelves, walls, and counters easily. Put objects that you are probably strewn all over the place back where they belong and, if you have a couch, brush off the couch cushions and clean the inside of the couch. Who knows — you may even find the remote in there!

Cleaning tip — keep a trash bag handy, as well as an empty box to store items that don’t belong in your living room.


Before you start dusting, take time to high dust — which is a form of dusting where you extensively clean difficult, hard-to-reach spots like wall corners, baseboards, and ceiling fans, for bacteria and dust. We recommend using a feather duster or a high extension ball duster to do this.

Cleaning tip — Fill up a bucket of hot water with soap and vinegar. Use this solution to clean the baseboards with a microfiber cloth.

Essentially, go crazy when it comes to dusting! Take a Swiffer duster or a microfiber cloth and dust the living room. Dust the walls, especially in the corners where you might find cobwebs or dust bunnies. The ceiling fan needs to be dusted too — so much dust can gather on there, so you don’t want to turn on the fan and have the dust circulate throughout the room. You should also take down all of your curtains, drapes, and blinds and dust them too.

Dust and vacuum your couch, along with any other chairs in the room. Remove everything from the side tables to dust every inch, and dust your lamps and lampshades, as well.

Make sure to move furniture around as much as possible to spring-clean the areas that never see the light of day…or the power of your vacuum. You can expect the back and sides of the couch to be especially bad!

If you have any bookshelves in your living room, take all of your books off of them and dust them thoroughly.

Clean Carpet

Now that you’ve dusted every inch of your living room and moved every spec of dust to the floor, your carpet is probably filthier than before you started. Vacuum every part of your carpet, being sure to move furniture around to vacuum the small, tight spots.

To clean it deeper though, you’ll have to use a carpet cleaner. If you don’t have access to one, it’s best to let us clean your carpets for you. Using a carpet cleaner can penetrate deeper into your carpet to absorb the excess filth and grime your normal vacuum can’t handle.

Also, take your doormats and any other rugs you walk on and beat them outside to shake off the grass and dirt. When you bring them back inside, you should vacuum them with a hand-held vacuum to make sure the dirt is gone.

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