Kitchens are for cooking and for storing food — yet we don’t always clean up our messes after we cook or we clutter the counters with junk mail. It’s super important to keep the kitchen clean, so you don’t attract any bugs, animals, or bacteria. If your kitchen is in a state of disarray, it’s time for some cleaning!

Our Go Green Cleaning Experts team has a few tips for you to keep your kitchen orderly and clean:

Maintain a Schedule

Just like how you can build yourself a daily routine for cleaning motivation, you should maintain a schedule when it comes to professionally cleaning your kitchen. On a daily basis, you should be wiping the surfaces down for crumbs and spills, washing and putting away your dishes, and sweeping the floor for crumbs and dust.

On a weekly basis, clean your kitchen the same way you do every day, but mop the floor. Take the opportunity to clean foggy wine glasses and polish silver.

Once a month, sort through the items in your cabinets and pantries. Throw out any food that is expired and clean out any crumbs that may have accumulated over time.

Once a year, deep-clean your kitchen, taking out pieces of your fridge’s interior to wipe it down, clean the stove, the ceiling, the light fixtures, and completely empty out your cabinets and pantries to clean them thoroughly.

Clean Hard Surfaces & Appliances

Remove everything from your counters and your appliances, like fridge magnets and dish towels. Use a green hard-surface cleaner to wipe down these surfaces in a circular motion. Completely empty your fridge and take out the shelves to clean each part individually and discard any expired food.

Spray your stovetop with an all-purpose cleaner and let it sit for five minutes before wiping down the surface. This will remove any water or cooking stains.

Load up your dishwasher with any lingering dirty dishes. Fill up your now-empty sink with hot water and dish soap to clean the bigger, dirty appliances that won’t fit in your dishwasher. To clean your sink, you should use hot water and hydrogen peroxide to eliminate any bacteria and any odor.

Clean inside and outside your microwave because you’ve probably had your food splatter in there during the week without noticing. Also, clean out your coffee maker, percolator, and any other coffee contraptions to throw out any leftover grinds.


Dust gathers everywhere, and your kitchen is not immune to it. Climb on a step stool and dust the high-up surfaces, like the top of your fridge, cabinets, microwave, and other shelves. You should always dust from top to bottom because dust will fall, so start with the tough, hard-to-reach spots first before dusting the bottom.

We recommend using a microfiber cloth for the dusting, as it effectively traps most of the dust.

Now that you’ve pushed crumbs and dust to the floor, take out your broom and sweep up the dirt. When your floor is clean, take out a mop and cleaning fluid to wipe down and the floor. This will ensure that any gritty pieces you might have missed are collected by your mop. Your kitchen will also smell much cleaner!

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