No one wants to clean a bathroom longer than they have to, so it can often times be difficult to find the motivation to clean your bathroom. But cleaning your bathroom can be easy and environmentally friendly. While our team of professional cleaners at Go Green Cleaning Experts can do the job for you — because no one wants to clean their bathrooms! —  we’d like to help regardless if you sign up for our services or use another cleaning company. Or maybe you’re new to hiring professional cleaners.

Here are some tricks you should use in your own bathroom to efficiently and professionally clean it:

Use Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are great for efficient green cleaning. If you have some tight spots in your shower, bathtub, or on the bathroom mirror, you can use these cloths to absorb the accumulated grime, dirt, and dust. But the cloths will get pretty filthy after you use them, so make sure you wash them after every time you clean. Detergent or vinegar with water can do the trick!

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Unlike bleach, which is a harsh chemical and harmful to the environment, hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to bleach’s cleaning and cleansing powers without the harmful side effects. If your bathroom is starting to look grimy, use this eco-friendly bleaching agent on all porcelain surfaces. This includes everything on your toilet — from the toilet itself, the bowl, and both sides of the seat and lid— your sink and faucet, and your shower.

Even if these surfaces don’t appear to be dirty, give it a once-over anyway — you never know how much dirt and grime can accumulate!

Tip: Use a squeegee after shower and spray hydrogen peroxide on the walls and corners to prevent mildew.

Mop the Floor

If you’re committed to cleaning your bathroom today, don’t leave the floor in disarray. Take everything off of the floor, including your trash can and everything under the sink if you don’t have sink cabinets. You can use mops like Swiffer’s Wet Jet to spray the area with eco-friendly cleaning fluid and mop the areas over with the disposable mop cloth. Or you can use Oreck’s microfiber pad with a mop pole, which helps to fight bacteria as you mop.  You wouldn’t believe how much dirt, dust, and hair gathers on your floor during the work week.

Cleaning Tip: Before you mop, wipe the corners with a damp microfiber cloth in every area that the mop pad will not reach properly— under your sink, between cracks, behind your toilet bowl (you can use a disposable cloth for that area) — so when you mop, all the areas are covered thoroughly.

Clean the Glass

Take a “green” cleaner and spray and wipe glass surfaces. Your mirrors, windows, and shower doors should be your top priorities. You might not even realize how dirty and opaque these surfaces are becoming until you clean them. Get rid of those water streaks and spit stains with a thorough, but gentle, rubbing with a non-toxic glass cleaner.

Cleaning Tip: Use distilled white vinegar 7 drops of lemon, bergamot and orange to create our “Green Clean” smell.

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